About us


Car Care Center in Sarajevo is the first licensed center for professional vehicle care of exterior and interior in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All Car Care treatments are based on the principle of modern, thoroughly tested technologies.
A large part of the products we use are based on the principles of nano-technology. They are completely environmentally friendly, and do not have any negative impact on the environment.
IAlthough Car Care is the first of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Center has quickly become a central place for car detialing. Our licensed experts at the Car Care Center are ready to answer all the challenges in the context of the work they are doing.


Car Care has a successful business based on a loyal customer base throughout BiH.

We are based on quality service, maximally facilitating our clients' ordering process, treatment, departure and arrival to the Center. Taking into account that vehicles are on average kept for two to three days, if the treatment is not just washing, we also offer substitute vehicles to clients and take them to the desired location. For those who come outside of Sarajevo, we help find accommodation, or make it easier to find a location.
The focus of our experts' work is on the details. Where the work on the interior detialing usually stopss, for us, its only half the work we do. We approach every car with maximum severity, and as a confirmation we give written guarantees on all our treatments.


Drexler Car Coating

Contemporary protection in the auto industry - protection of varnish, plastics, tires and wheels

Pear Waterless Car Wash

Washing a car without water on the principle of nanotechnology - mobile car wash - coming to your address

Licensed interior detailers

Licensed experts for protection, arrangement and cleaning of car interior

Licensed exterior detailer

Licensed car lacquers and repairs of all types of damage to the exterior of the car

Our signature on your car is enough to provide a reference for a well-maintained vehicle
-Detailed by Car Care Center Sarajevo