Dry cleaning of the interior - an advanced level of deep cleaning, in several levels, as follows:


Floor washing is done in three layers. Each layer has an application of nanotechnological means that thoroughly cleans and disinfects under the car, and we also use special means for final cleaning and floor protection


usually the deposits of fat, nicotine, and all other substances that come into contact and are usually deposited at the door. Handles often unconsciously transfer various materials to the car door. Depending on the substrate, the tools used in detailed cleaning and disinfection of the door effectively remove any type of door leakage, restoring them to the factory/initial condition giving them high gloss.


all consoles and hard-to-reach places must be treated. Difficult accessible places are treated with the use of special tools or brushes. During the treatment, no part should be omitted. As an example, a steering wheel can be used - the steering wheel is lifted down in order to reach hard to reach places where a large amount of dust and other dirt is often deposited.


This treatment is described in more detail in the part of chemical cleansing. But after that there is a wide spectrum of protection that can be applied to the former seats. Clients looking for this type of service treatments are carefully presented, after which they decide which treatment they choose. Like everyone else, these products are also based on nanotechnology, which allows you to wrap any threads in your seat. This will result in hydrophobicity (does not pass water), airy (reduces the deposition of unpleasant odors), and one of the features is invisibility, so after the application the seat will look clean, nice, but no additional protection will be physically noticed. After each treatment, every stain is much easier to remove than usual.