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1. Dry cleaning of the interior - advanced level of deep cleaning, in several levels, as follows:

- Floor – floor washing is done in three layers. Each layer has an application of nanotechnological means that thoroughly cleans and disinfects under the car, and we also use special means for final cleaning and floor protection

- Doors – usually the deposits of fat, nicotine, and all other substances that come into contact and are usually deposited at the door. Handles often unconsciously transfer various materials to the car door. Depending on the substrate, the tools used in detailed cleaning and disinfection of the door effectively remove any type of door leakage, restoring them to the factory/initial condition giving them high gloss.

- Seats – when properly cleaning the seat, it is assumed that they must be removed from the car, after which they are subjected to treatment. During the treatment of the seat by a modern drying machine, it allows the seats to be wet solely as much as necessary for the particular product to function. Immediately after the expiration of the necessary time, the seats are dried and given the final layer of protection.

- Consoles – all consoles and hard-to-reach places must be treated. Difficult accessible places are treated with the use of special tools or brushes. During the treatment, no part should be omitted. As an example, a steering wheel can be used - the steering wheel is lifted down in order to reach hard to reach places where a large amount of dust and other dirt is often deposited.

- Roof – one of the most demanding parts of the treatment. Incorrect handling can very often happen - usually in one particular area. Bearing in mind that the upholstery of the roof is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process, our specialists pay special attention to this part. If some of the roof has already been damaged, the car owner is warned in advance, and further processes are done with the consent of the client.

2. Leather treatment - cleaning and impregnation
There is a lot of nanotechnological protection for the car's leather that prevents the skin from cracking, penetrating the fluid into the skin, and other damage. You can do all these treatments at the Car Care Center Sarajevo.

3. Car seat treatment
This treatment is described in more detail in the part of chemical cleansing. But after that there is a wide spectrum of protection that can be applied to the former seats. Clients looking for this type of service treatments are carefully presented, after which they decide which treatment they choose. Like everyone else, these products are also based on nanotechnology, which allows you to wrap any threads in your seat. This will result in hydrophobicity (does not pass water), airy (reduces the deposition of unpleasant odors), and one of the features is invisibility, so after the application the seat will look clean, nice, but no additional protection will be physically noticed. After each treatment, every stain is much easier to remove than usual.

What is NANO tech?

Although almost every day we hear the term "nanotechnology", most of us will rarely understand the meaning of the term, and even less the application of this technology. Nanotechnology is often referred to as "the science of the small," referring to the nanometer, which is only a billionth of a meter. Simply put, it's about a hundred thousand times less than the thickness of a human hair. It is precisely the work on such small components that allowed only the small properties of certain products to change, and through these small changes we come to significant structural changes that are used in many aspects. Automotive is just one of many aspects of the application of nanotechnology. It is also applied in food and textile industry, construction, health care, and many other fields. An example of the nanotechnology action can be simplified through a waterless car wash - in which, after applying a nanotechnology-based product, the dirt is separated from the light car, and after that, it is easy to remove it by gently moving special microfibers. If ordinary water was applied to the car, or non-nanotechnology-based dirt would be almost impossible to remove.


1. Deep cleaning of varnish - decontamination

The decontamination you can do at the Car Care Center Sarajevo can be mechanical and automatic. This is a process that removes lacquer from contaminants that weather down on a light car over time, and which can withstand prolonged deterioration and much more serious damage that can not be removed by ordinary wash. Usually there are acid and other impurities, and are manifested, in most cases, by corrosion. If the car does not corrode, it must be, from time to time, decontaminated, either mechanically or chemically. In the decontamination process, visible impurities originate from the car's lighter, and are then mechanically removed or dampened. Lacquer decontamination is mandatory in polishing since the lacquer has to be cleaned from foreign bodies completely before any further process. After decontamination, it is also possible to apply several types of protective coatings, which customers can get familiar with on-the-spot.

2. Machine polishing of cars

As certified experts for the treatment of vehicle exteriors, the polishing of vehicles in the Car Care Center Sarajevo is given special attention. Polishing the vehicle is a component of professional vehicle maintenance that returns the appearance and shine of the vehicle lost during the influence of various factors, and because of the lack of protection factors for the lacquer. Factors that destroy the color of your vehicle are exposure to different weather conditions, dirt from the air, soil, inadequate use of cleaning and washing agents, the use of abrasive means for the treatment of vehicles and many others. Lacquer can be damaged by the use of sponges for washing, and various ways of washing the car. Therefore, it is important to maintain the car in places where this segment is given great attention. A few unprofessionally done washing can destroy the lacquer on your vehicle, which creates the need for polishing. After each polishing, customers are offered options of various nanoceramic and polymeric protection, from initial one-year to permanent (lifetime) protection.

Active use of the vehicle, exposures to external influences, rain, various dirt, traces of plant juices, carburettor and many other factors can damage or permanently destroy the color of your vehicle.

Polishing the vehicle can be in four layers, each of which has a certain length of time, retention time in the Center, and specification of what is removed by a certain layer of polishing, as follows:

- One-layer polishing - removes
- Double-layer polishing - removes
- Three-layer polishing - removes
- Four-layer polishing - removes

As with any other treatment at the Car Care Center, you receive a guarantee for the work done on polishing the vehicle. Properly maintained and washed with non-abrasive materials, the polished car retains the factory/initial look for a long time.

Nanoceramic protection 

This type of protection, commonly known as "auto ceramics", is another, an additional protective layer applied to the car, and by special methods it is fixed to the surface of the car. The protection is based on the principles of nanotechnology, and consists of nano ceramic particles which, after application, create an extremely tough layer.


The nanoceramic protection process is precisely defined by the use of the manufacturer. The key difference in the application process is the number of layers in the application, and the methods of applying the coating after application. In order for the application to be successful, it must be applied at a certain temperature, dried for a certain period of time, and must be applied exclusively in an area where there is no dust or any other external influences. The nanoceramic protection application at the Car Care Center is carried out in a specially designed study that meets all the requirements of manufacturers who are licensing applicators - certified applicators for nanoceramic protection.

Certified application  

Nanocaramic protection, in order to have warranty effects, must be applied in a professional environment, under the conditions required by the manufacturer, and by licensed applicators. Often, such protection cannot be found in free sale, thus avoiding an unprofessional application. For every application of this protection in the Car Care Center Sarajevo, a written guarantee is issued to clients